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the fundraising partnership

Working together to achieve sustainability through excellence in fundraising


Choose us as your next partner

We are a face-to-face charity fundraising company with specific experience and expertise in fundraising for hospices, children's hospices, national health charities and hospitals.


We pride ourselves on having the skill set to be able to work with you to boost both your lottery membership and regular giving supporter base without sacrificing on compliance and quality.

Our expert fundraisers can help reach your next supporter working door- to-door, in retail spaces or at events.

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We are a collaborative venture formed by experienced fundraisers and managers to bring something new and better to the face-to-face charity fundraising sector. Our management team each have at least 5 years experience in this sector including working in partnership with Hospital charities and working in hospital locations. Our fundraisers have extensive experience of working in hospitals and work to a specific code of practice for working within and on behalf of hospitals.

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