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Choose us as your next partner

Face-to-Face fundraising, when done right can not only deliver long term sustainable donations, but also create you a pipeline of future legacy givers.

Here at The Fundraising Partnership, we use a data led approach to our recruitment, ensuring your long term income remains the priority. As such we focus our recruitment on the donors that the data proves retain best, not only over 3 months, but we are looking at your 5 year return on investment.

Our compassionate fundraisers will help you reach the right supporters working door- to-door, in retail spaces or at events.

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Working with you as a partnership, we will ensure your fundraising ambassadors will enhance your brand and increase awareness of your cause. We know that it's essential to get every supporter interaction right, be that a successful sign up, or not. We put your cause first and ensure our fundraisers are trained to the highest standard in our enhanced code of conduct, charity awareness, donor retention and the increased lifetime value we can generate you, when we recruit the right profile of donor.

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