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Nurse Badria discusses Willen Hospice Care in practice

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Naomi House & Jacksplace are hospices for

children and young adults. They enhance families

lives through the provision of supportive respite care and specialist medical care for life limited and life threatened children and young adults, from across Central South

of England. Jacksplace is the only hospice for

young adults in the local regions offering care,

support and independence.

Here is a video that shares the care and support

Naomi House & Jacksplace aim to provide for families.

Our facilities and services

The Fundraising Partnership is a cause led face-to-face fundraising company. It is an honour and a privilege to work on behalf of such amazing charities and to be able to help them make a difference. 

All of us are passionate and devoted to our charities. It is a key motivation for why our fundraiser’s apply and then fulfil the job of a face-to-face fundraiser. 

Please read on and watch the videos to find out about this amazing charity and the impact they have. Your next job could be raising the funds that they need to make such a difference in your local community

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Naomi House & Jacksplace provide expert hospice care to life limited and life threatened children and young adults who have complex health care needs. Across their hospices, they support more than 550 families from central southern England. Naomi House cares for children from birth to age 16, and Jacksplace cares for young adults up to the age of 35.

We have been supporting local families for 25 years.

Naomi House nursing and medical staff provide specialist nursing care, enhancing short lives and helping families make the most of precious time with their children. In the hospice you will find a myriad of toys and games, a sensory room and spaces for music, art and messy play.

Jacksplace is the only hospice for young adults in the south of England. It is an environment perfectly suited to them, providing the independence, privacy and dignity they deserve. The hospice gives opportunities for the young adults to socialise and relax,

whilst their complex medical needs are being met.

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Hear from young adult, Josh, about a new service that’s made a positive difference to his life:

Here's a video all about Jacksplace from our very own Jacksplace TV:

Amazing visitors

At Naomi House & Jacksplace sometimes someone unexpected will drop in to see us:

The care is immensely valuable and free to the families that use it, but it costs around £7.2 million per year to run Naomi House & Jacksplace. 10% or less is provided by Government funding and so we rely heavily on voluntary contributions from local people and businesses. The care doesn’t stop so nor can the fundraising. Local people have, can, and will support their local children’s hospice but we need people to go out spread the word and actually ask them nicely for support.

You can make a difference

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