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Our mission

Excellence through Partnerships


Face to face fundraising is a People business so our HR strategy is our business strategy.


We are committed to recruiting and retaining the best possible people and our pay and conditions and management style are aligned to support that.

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We believe our industry is ready for its

"Moneyball" moment.


We are committed to harness the experience and expertise of our team to the power of data to create a culture of continuous improvement and the highest possible supporter retention.

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We have fully set our stall out to deliver true excellence in everything that we do.

We never look to cut corners, we see compliance as only a minimum standard and quality is a passion for us not a chore. We believe we have the best policies, training and checking in the industry. That is why we have already achieved the internationally recognised ISO 9001 standard.

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Working with you

Great fundraisers make great ambassadors for charities, they will want to work to the highest standards and, crucially, deliver the best quality supporters.

That combination delivers the best rates of supporter retention with low early cancellation rates and the fewest complaints.
Everything we do - all our policies and procedures, our recruitment processes, all our training and our pay structure are all designed to deliver for our charity partners the lowest cancellation rates in the sector while ensuring our fundraising partners receive a sustainable income that they can live on.

What makes us different?
  • Fantastic supporter retention

  • Industry changing staff retention

  • Industry leading fundraiser training, employment and support package

  • Highest commitment to standards and quality leading to lowest level of complaints in sector

  • Experienced and skilled management team – ISO 9001 accredited

  • Genuine commitment to partnership working

  • World class sales platform able to process and manage the supporter on-boarding with ease and security

  • Comprehensive policies and procedures including health and safety, professional standard and vulnerability policies

  • Specific working standards for children's hospice charities and hospitals charities

Interested in what we can do for you?

We always have time to discuss if we are the right fit for your goals. If you are interested in becoming a fundraiser, please apply through "Join the team" at the top of the page.

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