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We are committed to recruiting and retaining the best possible people to represent our charity partners. Our pay and conditions and management style are aligned to support fundraisers so they achieve great results, be proud of their work and can have flexibility in their roles.

By only recruiting the right people to represent our charity partners, we ensure that we are ambassadors, that every conversation is a positive and every recruited donor joins with the intention of a long term donation.


The power of data allows us to create a culture of continuous improvement and the highest possible supporter retention. We don’t look at short term results that benefit The Fundraising Partnership, we look at 5 year data trends and work our way back to recruit more of the people our charity partners see donating for the long term.


Our business, training and general desire to deliver excellence is driven by our passion for raising funds to help our charity partners thrive.


We have fully set our stall out to deliver true excellence in everything that we do.

We never look to cut corners, we see compliance as only a minimum standard and quality is a passion for us not a chore. We believe we have the best policies, training and checking in the industry. That is why we have already achieved the internationally recognised ISO 9001 standard.

Working with you

Great fundraisers make great ambassadors for charities, they will want to work to the highest standards and, crucially, deliver the best quality supporters. That combination delivers the best rates of supporter retention with low early cancellation rates and the fewest complaints. Everything we do is focused on what is best for our Charity Partners and our Fundraisers – our two key focuses. Our policies and procedures, our recruitment processes, all our training and our pay structure are all designed to deliver the lowest cancellation rates in the sector.

What makes us different?
  • Fantastic supporter retention - based on data analysis and trends has formed how we focus our donor recruitment on only those with the highest chance of continued donations.

  • Industry changing staff retention - we focus our attention on out team, give them the support that they need and because we only recruit the right people, we can afford to give them the work-life balance they need.

  • Industry leading fundraiser training, we are dedicated to go above an beyond the minimum requirements, taking pride in this essential element to safeguard our charity partners and develop our fundraisers.

  • Highest commitment to standards - Our Charity Partners relationship with their donors and the general public is worth more than a donation. The combination of only the right Fundraisers and putting Charities fist leads a very low level of complaints.

  • Experienced and skilled management team – whether it’s experience in the industry, experience working directly for charities running Lottery and Regular Giving campaigns or in the recruitment industry, our management teams skills are diverse and lead to a desire to push for excellence, that’s why we are ISO 9001 accredited

  • Genuine commitment to partnership working – it’s written in our name and runs through everything we do.

  • World class sales platform – with the ability to process and manage the supporter on-boarding with ease and security

Interested in what we can do for you?

If you are a charity looking for a new Face-to- Face partnership, please fill in your details below.


If you are a Fundraiser looking for your next step in your career, please visit the "Join the team" at the top of the page.

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