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Yorkshire Cancer Research funds vital cancer research and pioneers innovative new services for people with cancer across the region. These life-giving medical breakthroughs are helping more people survive cancer – in Yorkshire, and beyond.

Sadly, people are more likely to have their lives cut short by cancer in Yorkshire than almost anywhere else in England. As Yorkshire’s cancer charity, Yorkshire Cancer Research is dedicated to changing this.

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Below is a video that explains why cancer is more common in Yorkshire when compared to the national average.

Working to prevent cancer


Sadly, it is not always possible to prevent cancer. It can be caused by factors such as genetics or older age. However 4 in 10 cancers could be prevented by taking part in screening and changing behaviours that reduce the risk of cancer. The charity is constantly researching new ways to prevent cancer.

Improving cancer treatment and pioneering new services 

Yorkshire Cancer Research is the biggest funder of cancer research study places in Yorkshire, meaning more people in our region can access new and innovative treatments for cancer. The charity also pioneers new services for people with cancer to improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment and support recovery.

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Finding cancer sooner when it’s often easier to treat


Late diagnosis is a problem in Yorkshire as 1 in 2 cancers are diagnosed at a late stage. The charity funds vital screening programmes and research trials to detect cancer at the earliest possible opportunity when it’s often easier to treat. 

Useful videos

Learn all about the new research centre that offers exercise and well-being support services.

John and Barbara share their experience of cancer and the important role research plays in saving lives.

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